My first goal for 2017 – To Play More

Happy New Year Mama’s! This is the time that we set sights on our new goals for the year. Over the festive period, I took some time to reflect on the things I would like to achieve this year. As much as I have big plans for my career, finances and health (it’s seriously time to lose the baby pooch haha), I spent quite a lot of time thinking about […]

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{Brands We Love} November


It’s the first of December Mamas – I really can’t believe it. November was one of the toughest and most stressful months for me. As you know I had surgery for a burst appendix, catch the story in my latest life and baby update, and I also spent quite a lot of time away from home due to work commitments. I feel slightly out of touch considering all that has […]

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World Toilet Day with Domestos

World Toilet Day

Can you imagine your child using a filthy, germ-infested toilet that doesn’t flush? Probably not right?! I can’t too, because we are lucky to have access to beautiful, clean and well-maintained toilets at home, school and work. What about those who don’t? What about the voice-less? The parents and children out there, that are desperate for brighter future prospects, but have to put up with humiliating conditions and disgusting toilets […]

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Product Review: Natures Farms Pasta

Natures Farms Pasta

A friend of mine recently had her third baby and over this last weekend, I offered to have her older boys come over for the day. And of course, with kids being kids, they begged to turn it into a sleep over when it was time for me to drive them home. Not the smartest of choices during my nanny-free weekend, but they were having so much fun and were generally […]

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Start Strong Stay Strong: Win a R400 voucher with Nestle


The time between conception and age two, forms the first 1000 days of life for your child – an unpredictable, but memorable period for a mother, child and the entire family. With both my pregnancies and births, my family grew closer and bonded the most in that time. It’s amazing how babies have the natural ability to bring everyone together, as they bond over their obsession with new life ❤️. […]

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Safety tips for our children in the digital-age


We’re are citizens of the digital-age and our children are exposed to technology on a daily basis – they see us on our smartphones, they know there are things called “Wifi” and “Google” and many can operate a tablet with very little assistance from an early age. Whether we like it or not, technology is advancing and our children are being exposed everywhere, including school. Because of this, the responsibility […]

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Fashion Fix with EXACT clothing


My little man has always loved his fashion – although lately, he seems to prefer being in just his shorts due to his “4-pack”. From 3 years old, he already had good idea of what constitutes a great ensemble, he would beg me to buy him ties and belts. So with all the pressure to be dressed like a King, it’s assuring to find stores such as EXACT, who cater […]

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