Royal Easter Bunny Butter Cookies recipe

Easter Bunny Butter Cookies

Easter weekend is all about family, reflection and gratitude and I sure made the most of mine. The kids spent their time between home and Gogo’s house and I decided to use some of the time away from them to spoil them with a special treat, which sounded like a fair trade! I may not be the best asset in the kitchen, but I had so much fun making these Easter […]

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Launching a reading centre with MySchool – shining the light on literacy in South Africa!

MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet

What could you be and how much more could achieve, if you had someone you look up to dedicating their time and energy towards your growth and development? Wouldn’t it be life changing? Imagine the impact of this in the life of a child, growing up in an under-resourced and overcrowded squatter camp, with very few role models within reach. This week, I had the opportunity to be part of an […]

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{Healthy living} 15 simple tips for the whole family

During both my pregnancies, I remember praying, wishing and hoping for a healthy baby; It’s all I wanted. I went to every scan, paid attention to food labels, took prenatal supplements (as repulsive as I found the folic acid) and I took the time to rest when it was needed. To this day, the health of my children remains a top priority and something I never want to take for […]

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Introducing Future Nation Schools

I’ll never forget how challenging it was to find a school for my little man – after three years of endless applications, we still had not secured a school for him six months before he was due to start grade 1. Before making any school application, it is important to consider the kind of school that you want your child to attend and the future impact it will have on […]

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Getting your children into a good sleep routine

Routine, what routine? Mama’s we are back in the hustle and bustle of managing the kids, navigating traffic and getting all our work done. If you’ve fallen out of your routine and facing absolute chaos, I can assure you that you’re not alone. After the holidays and our wedding, I’m trying to get our house and kids “back to normal”. Khumo has started play school and Lesedi is in grade […]

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Lunch treats with Dr. Oetker

Dr.Oetker pizza; #LunchBoxWars

So it’s been an interesting and chaotic week, not only are we still trying to get back into the school routine, but we have also been without our heroic nanny this week, because she has had to take a few days off to attend to a family emergency. If I’m honest, I really suck at managing my own household, she’s really the glue that holds us together. I battle to […]

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Preparing your children for the careers of the future

Have you ever sat back and thought about whether your current job will still exist in a few years? With the rapid speed of global digitalization and automation, we are probably all at risk of becoming redundant, unless we proactively take actions to stay relevant. Can you then imagine how our children’s lives and their future careers will affected? If you have been reading my blog for a while, you […]

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Introducing Superbalist Kids

That awesome moment when Mama can finally shop at Superbalist for the whole family. That’s right, Superbalist has a whole range for our little fashionistas that is sure to put big smiles on those little faces! For the first time ever, I got my babies in coordinated outfits and looking fresh, thanks to Superbalist. The range offers the very best in local and international brands and caters for even the […]

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LG NeoChef Microwave Oven review

LG NeoChef

By now, you probably know that the kitchen is not my favorite place in the world, but like every other busy mom, my daydreams of having a chef are still very much that, a day dream… BUT I’ve become much closer to the dream with the LG NeoChef Microwave Oven. My day job keeps me extremely occupied, so on most days I only “remember” that I need to plan for […]

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WIN a Disney Emoji hamper worth R1000!

Disney Emoji Hamper

The other day, my little family introduced you to the new Disney Emoji toys.  We thought it would be great to spread the love and do a giveaway for your family to experience the Emoji-fun as well! The Disney Emoji hamper is worth R1000! If you think your child/children would be as excited as my little people were, why not enter the giveaway?!   To enter, leave me a comment […]

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