A simple Cheese Soufflé recipe + WIN R1000 Yuppie Chef Voucher

Cheese souffle

Give me cheese and I’ll be happy! Give me eggs and I’ll be very-very happy! Give me a combination of cheese and eggs and you’ve won my heart for life! This is honestly how the latest recipe in my latest recipe in the Royal Baking Powder series made me feel. If you are like me and have or had never had a cheese soufflé before, you are seriously missing out! But, […]

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Kids Pizza Recipe + WIN R1000 YuppieChef Voucher

Pizza is always a good idea, even more so on Friday’s when you don’t want to be spending more time in the kitchen than you should. We like to end of the week on an exciting note, which is a tradition my mom started when we were growing up and I’ve tried to carry this with the kids . We knew that Friday’s would be reserved for treat meals. I’m […]

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{Recipe} DOUGHNUT worry, be happy!


Baking has become a new outlet for me, whenever I’m slightly worried or stressed out. It has helped me to channel negative energy into something deliciously positive! Doughnuts are an instant pick-me-up, both from a taste and baking perspective – so I’m sharing my latest Royal Baking Powder-inspired eggless doughnut recipe in this post, alongside my tips for turning your worry to wonder!   Tips to help you worry less: […]

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Banana and Nutella Muffins Recipe

Royal Banana and Nutella Muffins

All eyes were on the Royal Wedding last weekend and what a beautiful celebration it was! I still have to catch up on the full ceremony, but I caught some amazing highlights – I loved the authenticity and representation of the royal couple’s cultures. All the excitement around the wedding has inspired us to put together yet another Royal Baking Powder recipe. We created delicious banana and nutella muffins, because we’re […]

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