Toddler Sleep Battles

I thought the sleep wars would be over within the first year of my daughter’s life, but right now, one of my biggest struggles is getting her out of our bed! The girl has taken over completely. She wants to fall asleep in there and stay there. Our bed is even her preferred spot for daytime naps! I never quite expected this with her, because by 6 months, I was bragging that she was […]

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The power of a baby massage + Vaseline PJ review

baby massage; infant massage

Mamas, I’m always looking for ways of creating and maintaining a pleasant, balanced family life and making my children as happy and SLEEPY as can be hahaha. If you read my 12-week baby update, you would have first heard about how possessive I am over my daughter’s bath time, I don’t let anyone bath her. Daddy is too scared and I have no intention of trying to convince him to […]

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The end of my maternity leave: I’m a wreck

Sad mother at the end of maternity leave

Cant help but feel super emotional about returning to work next week. It’s the end of my maternity leave and I’m a wreck!! I’m very grateful to have spent 4 months at home with Khumo; which inevitably led me to spend much more time with Lesedi. This was a significant time in his life too, because for first time since he started ‘school’, I’ve been able to pick him up every day and be […]

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Modern Mom Feature: Shoki tells us about life with her twin boys

One of the best resources we have as mothers, is the knowledge-base that exists within other moms. Although our children, values and experiences may differ, we have a lot more in common than we think. Today I would like to introduce you to a childhood friend of mine, Shoki, who has beautiful 3 year old twin boys. Here is her motherhood journey – from pregnancy to balancing her career:   […]

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Tips for preparing your child for change: no matter how big or small

It’s hard enough to accept and embrace change, as an adult, can you imagine how complex and confusing it must be for a child? 2015 has been a big year of change for my boy – we moved house and he started grade one in January, only to be moved to a new school six months later!! Just before the transfer to a new school, I noticed a few behaviour […]

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