The real costs of education

back to school; the real cost of education

By now, you’ve probably realised that having a child completely changes your priorities and outlook on life – nothing is more important, more precious, or more loved than your child. But oh my goodness, our little people don’t come cheap?! According to the experts, the average costs of raising a child is estimated at about R1 000 000 before they even start grade one – that’s six zeroes for a […]

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How to choose a school for your child. The South African public VS private school discussion

This subject was top of mind in my life for almost 3 years. I really battled to get my son into the schools I would have liked him to go to – I applied to about 9 schools and only ended up getting accepted into 2 of them: one that was not-so-great and last on my list and one that I love but is expensive. I settled for the latter […]

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Language development: Strengthen your childs mother tongue 

I’ve always felt really strongly about my son being fluent in isiZulu above any other language. I must admit that it has been harder lately, as he also needs to boost his english skills for school – he’s learning how to read and write at the moment. So… I shopped around for some ideas to reinforce Zulu at home in a fun way. I found these cute flash cards from […]

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