Royal Easter Bunny Butter Cookies recipe

Easter Bunny Butter Cookies

Easter weekend is all about family, reflection and gratitude and I sure made the most of mine. The kids spent their time between home and Gogo’s house and I decided to use some of the time away from them to spoil them with a special treat, which sounded like a fair trade! I may not be the best asset in the kitchen, but I had so much fun making these Easter […]

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Product Review: Natures Farms Pasta

Natures Farms Pasta

A friend of mine recently had her third baby and over this last weekend, I offered to have her older boys come over for the day. And of course, with kids being kids, they begged to turn it into a sleep over when it was time for me to drive them home. Not the smartest of choices during my nanny-free weekend, but they were having so much fun and were generally […]

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[Natures Farms Recipe] Braai Pap with a twist

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you will know that I do not like [read: do well] in the kitchen, so I’m always looking for ways to stay motivated and try new things so I agreed to take part in the #NaturesFarmsChallenge.   What is the Natures Farms Challenge? A challenge to cook or bake a South African dish with a twist, using Nature’s Farms products, since […]

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